Mother’s Day Special

This special has ended. EVERYONE DESERVES A straight, healthy smile! MOTHER’S DAY SPECIAL $250 OFF Orthodontic Treatment + ZERO Percent Financing Exclusions apply. Must start treatment by May 31, 2023 Orthodontic …

8 Tips for a Healthy Mouth

Our practice understands how much you want to care for your child’s overall health. This also includes their teeth! Bad eating habits and poor oral hygiene can lead to …

What is Tongue-Tie?

If you look under your tongue in the mirror, you’ll notice a small piece of tissue that connects your tongue to the bottom of your mouth–the frenulum. Around 10% …

Happy Fall from Your Dentist

October is the start of fall and holiday season for many of our patients and can be full of fun activities and events. From costume parties, get-togethers, trick-or-treating, and …

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