Dentist for Toddlers and Babies

baby and toddler teeth

As a parent or caregiver, you may have many questions about keeping your baby’s teeth or toddler’s teeth healthy as they grow and develop. At Tooth + Tusk Pediatric Dentistry, our passion is caring for your child’s dental health! From their first baby tooth to their first appointment with an orthodontist, we want to be your resource and your trusted partner in providing pediatric dentistry in Beaverton, OR.

Caring for Your Baby’s Teeth

Every baby is different. While most babies get their first teeth around 6 months of age, some will not have any until they turn 1, and a few are even born with teeth! It truly is a wide range of developmental factors – and we care for them all! Here are some frequently asked questions about your baby and their teeth.

When Should My Baby See a Dentist?

Unless your child was born with a dental issue – such as a tongue or lip tie – you should plan on seeing a dentist when your baby’s first tooth erupts or by age 1, whichever comes first. Establishing dental care early on in your baby’s life will give them the best opportunity for optimal dental health. It also allows the dentist to track their development as their baby teeth grow.

What Early Dental Issues Could My Baby Have?

There are issues that babies can be born with, which we will talk about later on, but generally, at Tooth + Tusk, we are concerned about Early Childhood Caries (also known as Nursing Caries). This condition refers to any cavities or tooth decay that occurs before age 6. Many things can contribute to ECC, such as:

  • Using baby bottles
  • Night nursing or bottle use
  • Thumb sucking
  • Sugary diets or poor nutrition

Other dental issues in babies and toddlers are tongue/lip ties. When the upper lip or tongue has severe mobility limitations, it can affect how your baby eats and drinks. A dentist can correct this early on with what is known as a ‘frenectomy procedure’.

How Bad Are Bottle-Use and Thumb Sucking?

While very common, thumb sucking can lead to many dental issues including Early Childhood Caries, tooth decay, premature tooth loss, infection, and more. If your baby or toddler has a thumb-sucking habit, it is important to talk with their doctor about ways to break them of this. For bottle use, babies between the ages of 12 months and 14 months should be weaned to use a cup instead.

Dental Procedures for Babies and Toddlers

At Tooth + Tusk Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics, we are specialized in providing the best in pediatric dental care. This includes any necessary dental procedures for babies and toddlers. As parents or caregivers, you should begin brushing your baby’s gums (gently) from birth and establish good dental habits early on. Scheduling your child’s first dental appointment sometime between 6 months and 1 year will also help set them up for optimal dental health. If they do need a dental procedure, we are prepared to help them (and you) through the experience.

Schedule a Dental Visit in Beaverton, OR for Your Baby or Toddler

We would love to meet you and your baby/toddler. If you are looking for a dentist in Beaverton, OR, you have landed in the right place! Schedule an appointment today. We look forward to helping you give your child the best tools for dental health.