boy getting tooth extractionIt can be an exciting moment when your child loses a baby tooth – but sometimes they may need to have a tooth pulled by a dentist. Here at Tooth + Tusk Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics, we are proud to offer pediatric tooth extractions to our patients.

Reasons for a Tooth Extraction

Tooth extractions can be necessary for many reasons. While our dentists do their best to save your child’s teeth, sometimes it is best to remove the tooth. Here are some reasons why a dentist may perform a tooth extraction:

  • Disease. Whether due to gum disease, an infection, or severe decay, a dentist may prefer to remove a baby tooth to prevent the infection from spreading, or if the diseased tooth has been completely compromised.
  • Damage. Kids are full of energy, and sometimes that energy can result in accidents. Maybe they chipped a tooth at a sporting event, or they fell off a chair during dinner – these dental emergencies can happen. Rather than saving a broken tooth, the dentist may recommend extraction.
  • Overcrowding. A very common reason for tooth extraction is due to overcrowding. Adult teeth may erupt early, pushing baby teeth out of the way and impacting the rest of the teeth. To prevent serious orthodontic issues, tooth extraction can help with overcrowding and misalignment.

What to Expect

If your child suffers from a dental emergency – either sudden tooth pain from infection or an injury to the tooth – it is important to call our team at Tooth + Tusk right away! The process for tooth extraction is similar whether it is emergent or recommended during a routine visit.

  1. We start with a thorough examination with x-rays and digital imaging to determine the best course of action for your child. We will go through your options so we can make the right decision for your child – we would prefer to save the tooth if possible.
  2. If we decide your child needs an extraction, we will numb the area prior to starting with a local anesthetic.
  3. We will then pull the tooth. There is usually a small amount of bleeding because the mouth will form a blood clot to fix the area.


The aftercare of your child’s mouth is important. We will go over the correct way to care for your child’s mouth after tooth removal. Your child’s mouth may be sore for a few days as it heals. We do not recommend drinking with a straw or eating foods that may aggravate your child’s mouth. Your child is going to need to continue to take care of the rest of his or her teeth, so extra care will need to be taken around the area of the missing tooth.

Trusted Pediatric Tooth Extraction in Beaverton, OR

We are here for you and your child if there are any problems after tooth extraction. Some children experience extra discomfort and pain, so we can recommend certain pain medications. If you notice swelling in the area, your child needs to come in and be seen. If you think your child may need an extraction, don’t hesitate to contact us today.